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If you’re getting ready to open up your business and want to be confident both your employees and your customers are safe and protected, our touch-less fogging disinfecting technique is your best choice to take. The Fogging process involves pathogen elimination, which removes bacteria, viruses, and mold from every surface in your business. This technique is a direct and effective method to disinfect due to its simplicity and touch-less process. This system uses a combination of electrostatic and ULV technologies to kill all germs and pathogens on every surface.

Carpet Cleaning Excellent LLC offers touch-less disinfecting services in all of Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. It only takes 10 minutes of fogging application and 30 minutes of drying time per 1,000 square feet to kill 99.9% of all pathogens. Carpet Cleaning Excellent LLC will assure that your business (office, gym, store, etc.) is safe and ready for operation in a shorter period of time than traditional disinfecting approaches. Our touch-less fogging technique uses Citra-Cide® Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner from H&S Chemicals Division. This product has been certified or approved for use against the emerging viral infections by the Center for Biocide Chemistries, the American Chemistry Council, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Now is the best time to think about our hygiene and ways to disinfect our everyday surroundings. It is crucial to know how to properly apply chemicals, and having the experience to do so has never mattered more. Our technicians are specialists in the Touch-less Fogging Disinfecting Technique and have the training and expertise to keep ourselves and your employees safe while disinfecting. We are here to support our community in these confusing times.

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Since touch-less disinfecting relies on ULV and electrostatic technology, it is the safest method for people and animals alike, which means your employees will not be exposed to any harsh chemicals. The fogging machine we use for touch-less disinfecting is perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor use. It quickly attaches to and spreads along each surface to kill pathogens without damaging paper, electronics, plants, or other vulnerable items.

With the rise of modern infectious diseases, the disinfecting methods we have previously relied on, can’t stop cross-contamination, propagation, and spread of those infections. Traditional sanitation approaches may not meet that standard, but fogging does. This is why Carpet Cleaning Excellent LLC adopted the fogging technique because it can keep up with the rising infectious disease pandemic, as fogging sanitizes all surfaces for a much lower cost than the ineffective options.

Our fogging approach can clean offices, spas, retail stores, medical centers, gyms, churches, homes, and any other space. It even cleans outdoor, indoor, private, and public spaces with equal effectiveness! Make the safety of your employees, and customers, your top priority today. Fogging by Carpet Cleaning Excellent LLC is your best solution to all your sanitation needs. To learn more about touch-less disinfecting, or to schedule your own fogging appointment, call us today!

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